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    that’s bizarre. i was a 6/8 last winter and you’re like chihuahua sized compared to me. :| CLOTHING BRANDS

    It’s because like 80% of the fat in my body goes straight to my tummy, I swear. I wear an XS shirt size. My waistline is the biggest thing about me.

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  3. animeadult:


    If you’ve been looking to bind, whether you’re transgender, non-binary, or a cosplayer, you’ve probably come across binders like these on Ebay, Amazon, or AliExpress. Usually they’re called E.V.A, SHO, Whatwears, or Ancient Fish King brands, all of which are apparently, interchangeable with each other. Ross is here to tell you that these chest binders are not much of a step up from ace bandages, which in case you hadn’t known already, are the worst thing you can do to bind your chest. So here’s the run down, from least bad to worst.

    Why is a chest binder for a lesbian?

    First off, the sellers are usually misinformed about why someone would use a chest binder is needed just from how they title them. Why would Lesbians want a chest binder (outside of cosplay?)? I don’t know, but most of these listings have lesbian in the name, suggesting that chest binders are for girls, not men or nonbinary. This right there should be a warning sign of a company that doesn’t know what they are doing.

    It's too tight!

    The strapless binders’ model is wearing the wrong size for their chest. Their breast is popping out over the top of the binder, and I can personally say that with that binder, it is very, very, painful if you have a larger chest. After about 20 minutes, bruising and chaffing will occur, especially to those with larger chests or are heavier. In the worst case scenario, the breast will rip or pop as if it were cut with a knife.

    These materials are not good

    Look at the materials used. These chest binders do not have any or enough stretchy material in them. Elastic or spandex is the best. On the ones that do have spandex, they don’t mention how much there is in the binder. This is an enormous, bright, flashing sign that the binder is NOT safe. Just how bad is it? Ace bandages likely have more elastic than these binders do, and the ace bandages can still kill you if they don’t maim you. A binder is supposed to stretch, be easily manipulated, and you must be able to take a full breath in them. I’ve bought and used two different types binders from Ebay not knowing any better, and I could barely take a breath at all. I did get larger and larger sizes, and with the same result. Putting it simply, their binders could be falling off of you because they are too big and still would not be safe. 

    Now I can’t show you in a picture about the next part, but what’s probably the worst about these binders is that their ‘binding’ material goes all the way around the binder. Your binder should NOT have this unless it is made to correct back posture. Sports bras can, but that is better for again, correcting back posture. So not only will you be binding your chest, but you’ll be binding your ribs, back, and shoulders as well. This can warp them and damage the tissue. 

    So what does a good binder look like? I’m going to use the binder I’ve had the best experience with as an example. The Ultimate Chest Binder Tank by underworks. I’ve bought two of these as I’ve needed them, I wore out my old one after a year and a half of use daily including at work.

    So, straight off from the site, we know this seller is knowledgeable about their target audience. Chest binders are under the men’s section and you never see the word lesbian on any of them. The only thing marked for women under the chest binder section is a sports bra, put there because transgender men often use them for working out.

    YES! Good binder!

    The information section on the binder isn’t just two or three lines, it’s a whole paragraph. What is this binder made of? Medical grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex knit. It says it right there and is readily available information, you don’t have to dig through the seller’s ads for cheap wholesale jewelry in the description to find it. The listing also tells us how much of each material is used, information you must have when buying a chest binder. My personal rule of thumb? If it’s under 20% spandex or elastic, it’s trash. Our listing also tells us how to put the binder on, rather than making you struggle to figure it out on your own. Size chart and customer reviews are readily available on the listing and not buried under ads for other unrelated merchandise. 

    Also from looking at the binder’s pictures, the front and back of the binder is made differently; the front is thicker and non transparent while the back can bee seen through a bit and is thin in comparison. This is because the front of the binder is made to compress and bind the chest and the back of the binder is not. All the binding is in the front, support in the back. 

    Please, know the difference between an unsafe binder and a safe one. Save your money and avoid ones found on ebay. Can’t afford a binder still? There are programs for people who cannot buy one on their own or it is unsafe for them to buy one. One such I know of is the In a Bind program, they have fantastic service if a bit slow delivery time. Remember, this program is only for transgender men and nonbinary, cosplayers will have to go elsewhere or outright buy a binder.


    i’m sorry i don’t usually comment on posts but i keep trying to tell people this over and over again and a lot of the time nobody listens (hopefully they will now because this is an excellently constructed post)

    an ebay binder pushed in one of my ribs and i barely wore it for any time at all (just less than an hour for convenience in my own backyard) because i knew it was bad but it seriously injured me that quickly.

    the biggest problem is most people who give these things positive reviews have NEVER HAD A SAFE, PROPER BINDER BEFORE. therefore those positive reviews cannot be trusted! they don’t know how an actual binder is supposed to feel.

    this is why i urge people not to include cheap ebay binders in their giveaways, especially. it’s not a game and it doesn’t matter how “safe” you are when using them or how well you advise people- they are NOT SAFE.

    don’t harm people by trying to make it seem like it’s okay just because you want a couple more followers or to give something away because it’s cheap.

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  5. also apparently in pant size news I’m a Sonoma 6 even though I’m an 8 or 10 by many other manufacturers’ reckoning

    I like how switching clothing brands apparently instantly shrinks my waistline

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    In the city, they might artificially lower the milk prices in stores or get some sort of subsidy. All I know is, I live in ranch land and beef in restaurants and stores rival the prices of lamb which is crazy talk. Dairy product prices has gone up.

    That’s possible. I did live in a relatively poor area in Chicago. Or it could be as July said, supply and demand, although it’s not like this area is particularly wealthy. All I know is that $2.50 for a half-gallon of normal milk makes me grumpy.

    *chugs cheap almond milk*

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  9. queenlua:


    So since I’m perpetually out of comfortable shorts I stopped by a department store and…

    Do people really buy single articles of clothing at the regular price of 60 dollars? I’m judging them so hard.

    (I only pick through the 70% clearance racks.)

    so while i don’t think i’ve bought clothes at quite that price tag, i will say that lately i’ve been getting incredibly sick of super-cheap clothing from wet seal, h&m, etc, because that shit always starts falling apart, pilling, etc, within under a season

    whereas the handful of clothes i’ve sprung for at pricier places will hold up for years and years

    and i’ve just kind of gotten to where it seems less wasteful in the long run to buy something of slightly-nicer quality and not have to replace it all the time


    Idk dude, my family has a long tradition of buying clothes that go at full price at about the $30 range, but only when they’re crazy on sale, and I still have a lot of stuff that’s held up since middle school.

    I bought two shirts and two pants today, new and reasonably good quality, and it cost me $38 total.

    I also stopped by two thrift stores but I’m very sensitive to smell and the smell in the used clothes department makes me leery.


  11. Dude so if anyone is in the market for TVs for gaming and stuff.

    Check out BenQ gaming monitors. Their cheaper models are under $200 but still provide like only 1 millisecond of lag. (By comparison, the “best” standard monitor, some ASUS thing, has 9 milliseconds. The best HDTV has 16 milliseconds. Most HDTVs have 30 milliseconds.)

    I’m rapidly learning that little companies that cater to gamers fulfill our needs at a much better price point than mainstream companies. ‘u’


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    yeh but they import feed from places like ohio, so more expensive + shipping = they have to charge more. i mean, too, being closer to the cows doesn’t mean it’s cheaper. just like other exports/imports sometimes stores pull from out of their own area

    No, I mean like, milk from the exact same creamery, which is a small farm located in the area I am living, costs 30 cents less in Chicago.

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  15. damoselcastelがあなたの画像に返信しました “I’m in the middle of cowland USA and the almond milk costs nearly the…”
    It’s the feed. Crop was bad so feed’s expensive, same reason why beef is currently really pricey.

    That would fail to account for why it was 30 cents cheaper in Chicago for the last year. It’s the location, which makes no sense since I imagine I’m closer to the actual cows.

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  17. I’m in the middle of cowland USA and the almond milk costs nearly the same as normal milk wtf.


  19. So my car is a fancy hybrid with fancy technology, and one feature it has is that the key isn’t a physical key, but a chip that the car detects.

    One consequence of this is that when I have it in my pocket, I can unlock my car by thrusting my hip at it.