1. Have you ever thought that it’s awfully hard to track Leanne fanart? Or you wish you could browse through Soren fanart without encountering any philosophers?

    I discovered that fans of Henry made a tag called “disney princess henry” and file him under there. I’ve found it’s really useful keeping track of just the posts that are relevant to my interests. So I made a wiki so that people could establish tags like that for other characters too (or just list them when there already is one) and make everyone aware of it, so that everyone in the fandom can be on the same page and receive pure undiluted favorite character bias.

    Please pimp this!

  2. Tags: #fire emblem #elibe #tellius #magvel #awakening #kakusei #archanea #valencia #jugdral
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    When my brother and I were trying to avoid spoiling some FE10 stuff, we had a whole code that involved calling Goldoa...
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  29. professor-tammi said: Actually, there was a way to search for things tagged a certain thing within another tag by using tumblr.com/tagged /TAG?from_tag=TAG … but I’m not sure it works anymore. D:
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    Pretty sure that everyone who follows me and are also in FE fandom also follows Ammie, but just in case… we should do...
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    As a fan of characters with names like “Jill,” this is awesome. :D
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